35 Simple Spring Recipes for Easy, Breezy Cooking

Publish Date February 20, 2024 4 Minute Read

Ready to refresh your recipe book for spring? We’re waving goodbye to heavy comfort foods for now, and welcoming in crisp veggies, juicy fruits and the vibrant flavors of our favorite season. Get inspired with 35 simple spring recipes, and spring into action with shopping tips, tricks and even more spring meal inspiration to make the most of the season.

What’s in Season?

Before we get to our favorite recipes for spring, let’s talk about a few of our favorite springredients. For fresh-from-the-garden flavor every time, look out for these in-season staples throughout March, April, May and June:

Apples: While apples are available year-round, certain varieties are best in early spring. Look for crisp, juicy in-season varieties like Pink Lady and Fuji.

Apricots: Look for plump, fragrant apricots with a rich color. Enjoy them fresh or add them to desserts and salads.

Artichokes: To find your best buds, look for artichokes with tightly closed leaves and a firm, heavy feel. Try them grilled, stuffed, steamed or make them into a delicious dip.

Asparagus: Tender, crisp and earthy, this high-fiber veggie captures the essence of spring. Look for bright, firm spears with tightly closed tips.

Avocados: Look for avocados that yield slightly to gentle pressure. If you’re not sure if an avocado is guacamole-ready, remove the remaining stem. If it’s green underneath, it’s ready.

Blueberries: Bursting with sweet, juicy antioxidants, blueberries embody the freshness and renewal of spring. Choose berries that are firm, plump and have a uniform, dusty-blue color. Add them to pancakes, yogurt, salads or smoothies, or get creative with tangy sauces and compotes like this recipe for Blueberry Salmon.

Broccoli: Rich in nutrients, broccoli's crisp texture and mild flavor make it a versatile spring veggie. Look for firm, closed florets and crisp stalks.

Cabbage: In season from fall to early spring, cabbage adds a delicious heartiness to spring salads and slaws. Choose cabbage heads that feel heavy for their size and have crisp, tightly packed leaves.

Carrots: These root veggies love cool weather and are abundant in early spring. Look for firm, vibrant carrots with smooth skin. Their sweet flavor is perfect for salads, roasting or snacking.

Celery: Spring is the perfect time to stock up on this staple ingredient. With its crisp and crunchy stalks, celery adds a refreshing bite to soups, salads and sandwiches. Look for firm, straight stalks with fresh leaves.

Citrus: Juicy, tangy and sweet, citrus fruits are one of the zest parts of spring. For juicy citrus, look for fruits that feel heavy for their size.

Collard Greens: Choose crisp, dark leaves for spring sautés, stews or sides.

Fresh Herbs: Elevate your cooking with fresh cilantro, basil, parsley, mint and more. Look for vibrant, fragrant bunches.

Kale: Tired of massaging your kale? This cold-hardy green is especially tender in spring weather. Look for dark green, crisp leaves.

Kiwifruit: Bring a tropical twist to your dishes with golden or green kiwi. Look for fruits that yield slightly to pressure.

Lettuce: Varieties like romaine and butterhead thrive in the spring. Choose heads with vibrant, crisp leaves.

Onions: Onions are versatile, adding a sweet, savory depth to any dish. Choose onions that are firm and have dry, papery skins.

Pears: Pick the perfect pear by shopping for slightly firm fruits that yield to gentle pressure near the stem.

Peas: High in fiber, protein and vitamins, peas are a healthy addition to spring soups, salads and snacks. Choose plump pea pods that are firm and full.

Pineapples: Pineapples are at their peak freshness in late spring. Choose pineapples with a sweet aroma and slightly yielding skin.

Pistachios: The mild, nutty flavor of pistachios adds a delicious, crunchy complexity to salads, desserts, rice, pasta dishes and more. Choose pistachios with closed shells.

Radishes: Brighten your spring dishes with a burst of peppery flavor. Look for radishes with vibrant colors and a crisp, firm texture. Look for smaller radishes for milder flavor.

Rhubarb: Look for firm, crisp stalks for a delicious addition to pies, jams and desserts.

Spinach: Vibrant and versatile. Look for crisp, dark green leaves for salads, smoothies or sautéed dishes.

Strawberries: Strawberries are perfect for light desserts, spring salads or on their own. Look for plump, brightly colored berries with green caps.

Swiss Chard: Choose bunches of this leafy green with crisp, colorful stems and vibrant leaves.

Turnips: Look for small- to medium-sized turnips with smooth skin. Their mild, slightly peppery flavor is perfect for roasting or adding to soups.

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