Burger Seasoning Recipes

Spice Up Your Summer Grilling with Burger Seasoning Recipes

Publish Date May 12, 2023 4 Minute Read

Whether you enjoy classic beef burgers, lean turkey burgers or vegetarian-friendly burgers, we’ve got recipes, tips, tricks and more to help you elevate your go-to burger recipe. Want in on one of the most flavorful ways to spice up your summer burger? Use the best burger seasoning, of course. Check out some of our favorite burger recipes in the video below.

Sizzlin’ Seasonings for Summer Burgers

Fire up the grill and check out some of our favorite burger recipes using the best burger seasonings.

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Burger Seasoning Tips & Tricks

Now that you’ve gotten a taste for some of our fave burgers and burger seasonings, let’s break down the different ways to approach making burgers.

Picking Your Protein

You can’t go wrong with an all-beef patty hamburger recipe. Not only is it a classic, but ground beef is a great source of iron and B vitamins. You can choose from cuts like 70, 80, 85 and 95 percent lean. Keep in mind that the leaner the beef, the less juicy and flavorful your burgers will be.

Turkey burger recipes are also a win because they’re high in protein and vitamins, minus the calories. Turkey can help maintain a lean body mass among other health benefits. However, avoid using turkey breast meat. Turkey breast has almost zero fat and can make for a very dry burger.

There are also plenty of options for veggie lovers. In fact, you can make your own veggie burger by creating a patty full of fresh vegetables, herbs, ground nuts and whole grains. Portobello mushrooms can make for a filling and nutritious burger because of their meaty texture and flavor.

Other proteins you can use to elevate your burger are bison, lamb, pork and salmon. Bean-based patties also pack a hearty dose of plant protein and healthy fat.

Flavorful Burger Recipes

Become a grill master by trying out these additional burger recipes.

Selecting the Best Burger Seasonings

Once you’ve picked your protein, it’s time to make that protein the most delicious version of itself. The Bourbon Burgers Recipe featured above does just that. Its savory beef patties pair perfectly with a sweet glaze made of bourbon, brown sugar, salt and pepper. You can also make this recipe using turkey, bison or chicken instead of beef. For a juicy burger, be sure to mix seasoning into the patty right before grilling. Adding seasoning too early can make for a dry patty.

On the flip side, the best way to season portobello mushroom burgers is to marinate them. An easy mushroom marinade includes brown sugar, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, olive oil, salt and pepper. Portobellos are porous and can soak up liquid fast. For best results, marinate 15 minutes before grilling.

To add some heat to your burgers, you can try mixing smoked paprika, cayenne pepper or chili flakes into your patty. You can also incorporate jalapeño, poblano or habanero peppers for a fresh kick.

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Sides that Pair Well

Now that you’ve got your protein and burger seasoning, you’ll want to choose an equally flavorful side.

Additional Tips & Tricks

Start with a clean grill. While the grill is heating up, use a sturdy brush or balled up piece of foil to scrub the grates. To maintain a clean grill, it’s best to clean immediately after each use while the grates are still hot.

Oil the grates to help prevent lean meats and produce from sticking to the grill. Cooking sprays can cause flames to flare-up, so try pouring oil onto a paper towel and use tongs to rub oil on the grates.

Put your protein on the grill and let it do its thing. Moving food around or over-flipping can cause food to cook unevenly. The best practice is to flip your food only once. Once you’ve flipped it, the lid on your grill should stay closed until you’re ready to take the food off the grill. Also, resist the urge to flatten your patty with a spatula. Flattening the patty can release the flavor from its center, making it less juicy and flavorful.

If you’re using a meat-based protein, chances are you enjoy your meat rare, medium or well done. Rare requires cooking for a very short time. A rare burger is cooked on the outside and will have a red center. This cooking preference is just a stage above raw meat. Medium cooks for about 3 minutes per side and has a gray-brown center. Well-done cooks for about 5 minutes on each side – it’s charred on the outside and has a grayish-brown center. If you enjoy your burger well-done, it’s best to cook the burger slow and on a low heat to keep it from toughening. For a deeper dive into grilling tips and tricks, check out our How to Grill article.

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