beach dessert cup with gummy sharks

Easy-Breezy Poolside Snacks

Publish Date July 1, 2024 1 Minute Read

When it comes to snacking on swim days, think portability and fun. Anything that fits in snack cups and zipper bags is a big win. Here are some handy packing tips, a few outside-of-the-box ideas, plus regular go-to suggestions that you may have forgotten.

graham bear and beach dessert cup

Gummy Graham Bears

Tuck teddy bear graham crackers in the centers of gummy o-rings to create cute floating bear bites.

Beachy Dessert Cups

Add crushed graham crackers to the bottoms of small, clear snack cups. Top each with vanilla pudding (dyed with blue food coloring) or blue gelatin, then add gummy sharks or octopi.

apple sandwiches and peanut butter

Apple Sandwiches

Core and slice an apple into 4–6 thick rounds, then spread your favorite nut or seed butter on one and sandwich it closed with another. Press a couple raisins, chopped figs or chocolate chips into the nut or seed butter that’s peeking through.


Tortillas can be filled with a million things. Try peanut butter and jelly; salami and cream cheese; turkey, mayonnaise and cheese; hummus and sliced veggies — then fold in the sides and roll up tight like a burrito. Serve whole or sliced into little pinwheels.

Everyday Snack Heroes

In a pinch, with little time for creativity? Look to these suggestions for snackable easy-to-pack winners:

Sides and Sips

Quick Pasta Salad

Combine your favorite vinaigrette, chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, and mini mozzarella balls with a pouch of cooled, microwavable precooked pasta for packable lunches ready in minutes. Or, bring along our Pizza Pasta Salad.

Fruit Kebabs

Thread a variety of fruits like raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and grapes on skewers. Add a few marshmallows in between for a sweet surprise.

Layered Dip Cups

In clear, lidded cups or snack containers, alternate layers of salsa, sour cream, guacamole and refried beans, then package tortilla chips in individual snack bags.

Ocean Water

Combine equal parts lemon-lime soda and blue fruit punch, then drop a couple gummy fish in each cup just before serving.

Snack Packing Tips

pool towel, bottle water and bowl of pasta salad

  • Bring an extra bag for trash if you plan to be somewhere that might not have garbage cans nearby.
  • Freeze water bottles before packing. They’ll do double duty as ice packs and drinking water after melting.
  • Alternatively, or in addition to frozen water bottles, pack ice in plastic bags to keep things cool and the ice clean for use in cupped drinks.
  • Consider placemats to help designate spots for little ones to sit, plus keep food items contained and off the ground.
  • Plasticware, paper plates and napkins are a necessity. And don’t forget the hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes, too.
  • Rubber bands, chip clips and extra zipper bags always come in handy for unfinished items.