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Fresh In-Store Finds: Summer 2024

Publish Date May 2, 2024 1 Minute Read
Author MyMagazine Staff

Discover delicious staff picks and exciting new finds that you’ll be excited to pick up on your next grocery store trip. Keep scrolling for quick and flavorful meal additions and multipurpose pantry staples.

Simple Truth Organic Taqueria Style Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips

Crunchy Perfection

These Organic Taqueria Style Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips provide a tasty, crisp crunch with a perfect amount of salt. You can munch on them alone or pair them with a zesty street corn dip or salsa.

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Private Selection Ginger Miso Salmon

A Gourmet Meal in Minutes

Enjoy the taste of grains, veggies and perfectly seasoned salmon all in one microwavable meal. Nourishing, delicious and so easy!

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Gallon Jug of Simple Truth Vapor Distilled Water

Pure H2O

This versatile Vapor Distilled Water, enhanced with added electrolytes, is excellent for brewing coffee or filling a humidifier all year round.

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Kroger Brand Big Deal! 4-pack cans of Albacore Solid White Tuna in Water

Convenient and Nutritious

Experience the fresh taste of the ocean with these 4-pack cans of Albacore Solid White or Chunk Light Tuna. Both varieties are made using wild-caught tuna, offering a healthy and delicious choice for quick and tasty meals.

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