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How Salad Kits Can Upgrade Your Sandwich

Publish Date February 29, 2024 2 Minute Read
Author MyMagazine Staff

Tired of the same old sandwiches? Mealtime is all wrapped up with three tasty creations that start with fresh and convenient salad kits. (Even the dressing is included, so you know you’ll have just the right sauce.

Pineapple Cilantro Margarita

Southwest Wrap

Start with a Southwest Style Salad Kit. Add rinsed and drained black beans to the mix for a protein boost. Wrap it all up in a soft flour tortilla and enjoy a zesty, filling meal that’s perfect at home or on the go.

Mediterranean Wrap

Mediterranean Wrap

Start with a Mediterranean Style Salad Kit. Add some roasted chicken from our Deli. Simply toss the shredded chicken with the salad ingredients and wrap it all up in a soft whole-wheat tortilla for a flavorful, satisfying meal.

Asian-Style Wrap

Asian-Style Wrap

Start with an Asian Style Salad Kit. Combine the salad ingredients with some cooked shrimp, then wrap it all up in a soft flour tortilla for a light and refreshing meal that’s packed with flavor.

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