What to Make for Dinner Tonight

What to Make for Dinner Tonight

Publish Date March 26, 2024 2 Minute Read

What’s for Dinner Tonight?

We’ve all been there. The sun is setting, the kids are cranky and dinner is nowhere in sight. So, what’s for dinner? We’re serving up some easy meals for busy weeknights and tight schedules, plus tips and tricks to turn even your busiest Mondays around. Ready to calm the kitchen chaos? Here are some quick dinner ideas the whole family will love.

Keep it Simple

When in doubt, keep it simple with just a few ingredients. This 5-ingredient Chicken Enchiladas recipe is a great example of how adopting a less-is-more approach can help you create a delicious family dinner on the double.

5-Ingredient Chicken Enchilada

Serve your family these tasty enchiladas for a weeknight dinner that is still homemade yet doesn’t require much time to prepare.

Pack Your Pantry

When you’re racing to get dinner on the table, a packed pantry is your best friend. Keeping favorite ingredients in stock can help you get creative quickly and bring your family dinner ideas to life. Keep basics like chicken stock, roasted tomatoes, dried herbs and canned veggies for a quick soup, and a few fun ingredients, like sundried tomatoes and pesto, to elevate a classic grilled cheese. Or stock up on jarred sauce and buns to throw a last-minute pizza party whenever the craving calls.

Fill Your Freezer

If you’ve got leftovers or a little bit of extra time, try stocking your freezer full of easy make-ahead meals, or grab some heat-and-eat prepared meals to keep on-hand for busy weeknights. Stock up on frozen family favorites like chicken nuggets, fish sticks and sweet potato fries to satisfy your fast-food cravings with the help of an air fryer.

Prep Ahead

Make ingredient prep part of your closing duties tonight for easier dinners tomorrow. After the dishes are done and the counter is cleared, spend a few minutes chopping veggies or marinating your protein for the day ahead.

Keep the Dishes to a Minimum

Ditch the dirty-dish duty and please a crowd with a 1-pan band. Cooking your dinner with 1 piece of cookware keeps the mess to a minimum while building a symphony of flavor. Try 1-pot pastas, skillet dinners, casseroles or sheet pan meals, and don’t forget about the magic of paper plates.

Order Ahead

Don’t have time to shop for your favorite ingredients in-store? Explore other ways to shop, and save with easy order pickup or quick delivery. Need a Boost? Save even more time when you order same-day delivery using your annual Boost membership.

Slow Down to Speed Up

Speed things up with a slow cooker to get ahead of schedule. Between hitting the snooze button and the brew button, set your slow cooker up for success and get your main protein cooking. This simple morning routine can mean coming home to tender, ready-to-eat dinner with the addition of just a few heat-and-eat sides.

Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas

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