Our Comprehensive Vaccine Guide

Choosing the Right Vaccines for You and Your Family: A Comprehensive Guide

Publish Date March 22, 2024 3 Minute Read
Author Kroger Health Team

Are you caught up on your vaccines? Whether you’re getting ready for school, preparing to travel overseas or gearing up for flu season, figuring out the right vaccines for you and your family, and when to get them, can be confusing. Our team is here to help simplify things and keep you protected against preventable diseases every step of the way. On this page, we’ve created a helpful guide to help familiarize you with the wide range of vaccines we offer, as well as outline which vaccines may be needed for your specific circumstances and health requirements.

How Do Vaccines Work?

To make the most informed decision about which vaccines are right for you and your family, it’s important to understand how vaccines work and how they support your immune system. Vaccines help your body develop immunity to certain disease-causing organisms. They do this by teaching your immune system how to create proteins, known as antibodies. These antibodies offer protection against potential future infections. Once you’ve been vaccinated against a virus, your immune system has the knowledge it needs to defend you against that same virus in the future.

How Do I Know Which Vaccines are Right for Me?

To figure out which vaccines are right for you or your loved ones, you’ll need to consider a few different factors, including age, health condition and medical history. On this page, you can review the full list of available vaccines or explore recommended vaccines based on specific needs to get an idea of which immunizations you may want to receive. Remember that our team is here to help you along the way. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to one of our certified pharmacists or nurse practitioners who can give you advice tailored to your individual needs.

Which Vaccines are Available?

We take pride in offering a wide range of vaccine options. Here, we’ve put together a convenient guide to help give you a better understanding of the available vaccines and the protection they offer. Click the name to see more information for each.

Types of Vaccines

    This vaccine helps defend against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It’s recommended that everyone aged 6 months and up receive an annual booster.

    This vaccine helps defend against chickenpox, a highly contagious viral infection. It comes in two doses, with the first dose being given at 12-15 months of age and the second at 4-6 years of age.

    This vaccine helps defend against Hepatitis A, a highly contagious liver infection. It comes in two doses, with the first dose being given at 12-23 months of age and the second at least 6 months following the first.

    This vaccine helps defend against hepatitis B, a blood-borne infection of the liver. It’s available for everyone under the age of 19 who hasn't already been vaccinated, as well as adults who are at an increased risk.

    This vaccine helps defend against HPV, the major cause of cervical cancer, anal cancer and genital warts in both women and men. It comes in two doses, with the first dose typically given around 11-12 years of age.

    This vaccine helps defend against seasonal influenza viruses. It’s recommended that everyone over the age of 6 months receive a yearly flu vaccine.

    There are two types of meningococcal vaccines. One vaccine comes in two doses, with the first dose recommended around 11-12 years of age and a booster at 16-18 years of age. Individuals 16-23 years of age may also receive a serogroup B meningococcal vaccine.

    There are two types of pneumococcal vaccines. These vaccines are available to children younger than 5 years of age and individuals over the age of 65 who smoke, have heart disease, asthma or chronic lung disease.

Other Vaccines offered: Japanese encephalitis vaccine, MMR vaccine, Polio vaccine, Rabies vaccine, Typhoid vaccine, Tdap vaccine, Hib vaccine and the RSV vaccine.

Which Vaccines Do You Need for School?

Do you hear school bells in the distance? In addition to gathering supplies and new clothes for the school year, your child might also need updated immunizations. We’re here to help you get them ready with all of their required back to school vaccines. See what they’ll need by selecting their age group:

Back to School Vaccines

    Varicella vaccine, COVID-19 vaccine, Influenza vaccine, MMR vaccine, Polio vaccine.

    COVID-19 vaccine, Influenza vaccine.

    COVID-19 vaccine, Influenza vaccine, HPV vaccine, Meningococcal vaccine, Tdap vaccine.

    COVID-19 vaccine, Influenza vaccine, Meningococcal vaccine.

For questions or more information on any of these vaccines, talk to your healthcare provider or check out the CDC’s official immunization schedule for children and adolescents ages 18 years or younger.

Which Vaccines Do You Need for Travel?

Are you planning a trip overseas? You might want to add an immunization to your itinerary! Travel vaccines are important because they safeguard you against diseases that are prevalent in various parts of the world. When planning your trip, aim to schedule your appointment 6-8 weeks before departure. Our travel vaccines include:

  • Hepatitis A vaccine*
  • Japanese encephalitis vaccine*
  • Tick-borne encephalitis vaccine*
  • Typhoid vaccine*

In addition to travel vaccines, the providers at The Little Clinic and select pharmacies can write prescriptions that may be useful during travel. These include medications to treat nausea, malaria, altitude sickness, traveler’s diarrhea and more.

Which Routine Vaccines are Recommended?

Feel your best every day of the year by staying up to date on the recommended annual wellness vaccines. Offering defense against both daily and seasonal health challenges, these vaccines include:

  • COVID-19 vaccine*
  • Influenza vaccine (also known as the flu vaccine)*

How Do I Make an Appointment?

Getting vaccinated at one of our pharmacy or The Little Clinic locations is now more convenient than ever. When you’re ready, schedule an appointment online or simply head to your preferred shopping location for in-person assistance. We’re open seven days a week and have evening hours so you can get the protection you need, when you need it. You can receive up to three vaccines during your visit. A world of care is in-store™ for you and your family today—and every day—at Kroger Health.

Disclaimer: This information is educational only and is not meant to provide healthcare recommendations. Please see a healthcare provider.

*Vaccine availability and administration capabilities vary by location and state regulation. Contact your pharmacy or clinic for details.