4 Ways to Spread the Love This Sweetest Day

4 Ways to Spread the Love This Sweetest Day

Publish Date August 31, 2023 1 Minute Read
Author MyMagazine Staff

Spread the love with these gift ideas for Sweetest Day on Saturday, October 21.

Did you know?

Sweetest Day was first celebrated in the early 1920s in Cleveland, Ohio. Unlike Valentine’s Day where sweeping romantic gestures reign supreme, Sweetest Day is focused on showing random acts of kindness and support for everyone from friends and loved ones to teachers, coworkers and store clerks, by exchanging small sweets and treats. While it’s most popular in the Great Lakes region, Sweetest Day is celebrated in 17 states.

Blooming Flowers

A beautiful bouquet is a heartfelt way to show your love and appreciation. You can buy a premade bouquet in our Floral Department or assemble your own for a personalized touch.

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Baked with Love

Whether cookies, cupcakes or muffins, mix up a homemade treat baked with love.

Recipes Perfect for Sweetest Day


Sweet Treats

Candies are a classic Sweetest Day treat. Take your pick from our sweet selection of chocolates, gummies, sour bites, hard candy and more.

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