A Guide to the Best Types of Tomatoes

A Guide to the Best Types of Tomatoes

Publish Date March 2, 2023 3 Minute Read

Types of Tomatoes

From big, juicy beefsteaks to petite, concentrated snacking varieties, our fresh produce department is overflowing with delicious tomatoes all year long. While they’re technically classified as a fruit, most people think of tomatoes as the perfect veggie addition to serve fresh or to cook into sauces, stews and other warm dishes. It doesn’t matter which types of tomatoes you like best, because they all come with a burst of rich umami flavor, and add savory goodness to every dish you create.

Types of Tomatoes

Tomato Varieties

  • Roma tomatoes, also known as Italian plum tomatoes, are your go-to for densely flavored sauces, thanks to their low water content.
  • Snacking tomatoes are great for grab-and-go nourishment. Use them to add color and flavor to your dishes or try skewering them on a kabob the next time you grill.
  • Beefsteak tomatoes have a high water content, which makes them a great addition to sandwiches, and an ideal base for your favorite salsa recipe.
  • Tomatoes on the vine are hard to beat when you’re searching for the freshest possible taste. They can make a stunning presentation when quick-roasted and served with a sprinkling of salt and herbs.
  • Campari tomatoes are bigger than a cherry but smaller than a plum, and hit the “sweet spot” for well-rounded flavor. Up your appetizer game by using these beauties on homemade bruschetta.
  • Green tomatoes are the perfect choice if you’d like to expand your tomato repertoire. Use them to whip up a colorful frittata or to make fried green tomatoes, a true Southern treat.
  • Globe tomatoes are versatile and have thick skin, making them ideal for slicing. Layer these standard tomatoes with mild flavor on your favorite sandwich.
  • Heirloom tomatoes encompass multiple varieties, but no matter which you choose, there’s nothing like the flavor of a just-picked heirloom. Experiment with the different types to find your favorite.

How to Use Tomatoes

If you’re wondering what to do with tomatoes, you’ll be glad to know that they don’t require elaborate preparation. Just wash, core, chop and they’re ready to go. Some sauce recipes might call for you to skin tomatoes, which is easy to do by cutting an “x” on the bottom, dipping them into boiling water and then slipping off the skins. If a recipe asks for “seeded tomatoes,” cut them into quarters to remove both the seeds and the jelly-like substance around them.

Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Are tomatoes good for you? Yes, they certainly are! No matter which type of tomato you’ve selected, these foods, which were once known as “love apples,” are low in calories, high in fiber and rich in antioxidant compounds. Choose your favorite from red, yellow, green, orange, “zebra striped” and purple varieties; each delivers the antioxidant lycopene in every bite. And that’s not all – tomatoes also contain vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin K.

Tomato Recipes

Whether you say “tomAYto” or “tomAHto,” you’re going to love using fresh tomatoes in all your favorite recipes. If you’ve just purchased some beauties and are wondering what do with them, Kroger has you covered, with plenty tomato recipes to try. Add this Fresh Tomato Pizza Sauce that has only five ingredients and comes together in the blender in under 15 minutes to your favorite homemade pizza. Impress your guests with Savory Tomato and Goat Cheese Crostini, a delicious appetizer that’s quick and easy to pull together. Or, let your slow cooker do the work with Slow Cooker Vegan Quinoa Chili.

Now that you’ve learned so much about tomatoes, it’s time to get cooking! If you’d like to shop for tomatoes online, Kroger has all the varieties you’ll need. Or check out the fresh produce department in your local store for more options and inspiration.

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