Knowing your numbers is the best way to keep your heart healthy! To schedule a screening appointment at your local Pharmacy, visit the Heart Health Screening Scheduler or call us at (877) 444-9689 . You can also schedule an appointment online at The Little Clinic.

The Importance of Knowing Your Numbers

Eating Heart Healthy

A healthy heart depends on the right diet, and we’ve got tips for enjoying heart-healthy meals all day long. Plus, watch our dietician make heart healthy recipes.

Healthy Heart

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Want to try these recipes? Get the recipes now and shop ingredients for the breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

A Healthy Start for Your Health

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Heart-Healthy Lunch Options

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Heart-Healthy Ideas for the Dinner Table

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Physical and Mental Health

Send your body a de-stress signal with these relaxing, heart-healthy tips!

De-Stress Essentials for Better Mental Health

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