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This Black Heritage Month, we want to share the success stories of those who followed their dreams and inspired others to do the same. Here are some of our minority-owned business partners who are doing their part to create strong communities and embody excellence.

McBride Sisters

The art of winemaking runs through the veins of the McBride Sisters. Robin and Andrea were both raised around vineyards, and in 2010 they decided to use their knowledge and passion to launch their own wine brand.

Today, they’re the heads of a multinational, minority-owned and woman-led wine company. They’re proud of their accomplishments and what it means to their community: “We believe that we bring an unconventional face to wine, one that the African-American community relates to and wants to join in our wine journey. This year, we will be announcing our own fund for women who are in or entering the wine business.”

More Stories to Celebrate

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Heritage Fare

Combining authentic African-American soul food and the convenience of easy preparation has been the key ingredient to Heritage Fare’s success.

This family-owned business, founded in the early 1990s, began distributing their collection of authentic seasonings, spices and sauces in Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Today, you can find their products online and in our stores nationwide.

Founder Wendell E. Turner says, “We are proud to be very engaged in contributing to our community. That engagement has included support of local school programs, service on multiple boards, vocational guidance services, NAACP and the Urban League. We believe that it is vital that we give back to those communities that have been supportive of us.”

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Hightowers Petroleum Co.

Providing Customers with safe and environmentally-responsible energy solutions is what drives Hightowers Petroleum to go further.

Their success began with the idea of minimizing energy spend, maximizing energy efficiencies and optimizing success by having a trusted single source manage all consumer energy requirements, sustainable systems and products.

COO Stephen L. Hightower II says, “Our company has a tremendous amount of responsibility on our shoulders to succeed and exemplify not only greatness, but integrity and the possibilities of what our communities can become.”

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Firstline, Inc.

A company that has championed multicultural hair to dizzying heights for over 30 years, Firstline offers high quality products that range from hairbrushes to innovative and fun accessories.

Today, Firstline is the largest African-American-owned manufacturer of textured hair accessory products. Their business success is based on three fundamental points: listen, learn and respond.

CMO Joni Odum says, “We contribute to the African-American community by committing daily to enhancing their hair care experience, image and confidence.”