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We offer a large selection of kosher options for those who follow dietary practices as laid out by traditional Jewish law. Shop this page to find all your kosher favorites, easy meal planning ideas and so much more.

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Explore our curated collection of recipes to help you plan a week’s worth of meals.

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Kosher Foods, Recipes & More

Welcome to your personal, online kosher grocery store! Kosher foods conform to the dietary standards of Jewish law, and we’re making it easy to find your favorite kosher foods in one place. On this page, you can shop kosher essentials, explore recipes and meal ideas, learn from our experts and much, much more.

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Whether you could use a little meal inspiration or you’re just grabbing the basics, you can get your cart started with essential kosher foods and ingredients, right here. Shop kosher pantry staples, snacks and other top picks. Plus, check out new arrivals to find the latest and greatest products on the market.

Watch & Learn

Watch and learn how to make delicious and trending kosher meals. We feature videos that show how to whip up kosher diet foods so you can follow along. Currently, we’re showcasing how to build a Falafel-Style Veggie Burger that’s layered with fresh tomatoes and spinach, smothered in a cucumber-yogurt sauce and bursting with Mediterranean flavor. Get the full recipe and shop the ingredients to try it for yourself!

Kosher Recipes

We’re sharing some of our favorite, in-season kosher recipes to help with your weekly meal planning, including something for breakfast, dessert and every craving in between. You can also explore our 5 Days of Kosher Recipes to find curated daily meal plans that fit your needs.

Tools & Resources

Stay connected and informed with our tools and resources. In this section, you can use Telenutrition to meet one-on-one with a registered dietitian to go over your personal nutrition goals. Before you schedule an appointment, meet the registered dietitians online by reading through their biographies, checking out their areas of expertise and learning what drives each of our experienced dietitians to “feed the human spirit.”

You can also continue your meal planning journey with even more easy meal solutions. Or head back to the Shop by Diet page to explore specialty diets, read more expert tips and get nutrition advice.