Kroger Pay FAQs

What is Kroger Pay?

Kroger Pay is a fast, contact-free, safe way to pay and save using your mobile device at participating locations in the Kroger Family of Companies. Kroger Pay generates a one-time use quick response code (“QR Code”) that securely transmits payment information from your mobile phone at check out. In addition, your Kroger Pay wallet is linked to your Kroger Co. Family of Stores Rewards program loyalty account, enabling you to automatically accrue loyalty points when making an eligible purchase using Kroger Pay. Simply scan the Kroger Pay QR Code at any time during checkout for a faster, more convenient experience.

Where can I use Kroger Pay?

Kroger Pay is accepted at participating in-store locations* in the Kroger Family of Companies in the United States. Kroger Pay can be used in-store at attendant or self-checkout lanes, in-store Pharmacy checkout and Beer, Wine & Liquor locations (where available). Kroger Pay currently is not available for use in Pharmacy drive-thru lanes. Kroger Pay is not accepted at Kroger Fuel Centers, certain independent merchants within Kroger stores or online and cannot be used at stores outside of the Kroger Family of Companies.

*Currently, Kroger Pay is accepted in our Kroger, Baker’s, Dillons, Gerbes, King Soopers, City Market, Fry’s, Ralphs, Pick ‘n Save, Metro Market, Copps, QFC, Jay C, Owens and Pay-Less stores, with more stores coming soon.

Is Kroger Pay a Contact-Free Checkout experience?

Yes. As part of our ongoing effort to protect and support our associates and customers, Kroger Pay is a secure way to pay for your groceries with no contact necessary. Visit our COVID-19 information page to see the additional steps we’re taking to ensure your safety.

How do I set up Kroger Pay?

To set up Kroger Pay, first you will need to have a digital account with one of the Kroger Family of Companies (“Account”) and download a Kroger Co. Family of Stores App (“App”) on a Kroger Pay-compatible mobile device. You can download the App from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

Once you’ve downloaded the App, if Kroger Pay is available in your location, you will see it as an option in the “More” menu. Tap Kroger Pay and log into your existing Account. You will be prompted to create a four-digit PIN. You also have the option to use biometrics (such as facial recognition or fingerprint) to secure your Kroger Pay wallet.

Ensure your “Shopping at” location is selected to your preferred store, which can be found on the home page within the App.

Any payment cards you have saved to your digital wallet are available to use within Kroger Pay. After you’ve entered your four-digit PIN or scanned your biometrics, you will see your default card at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on it will show all cards saved in your digital wallet. You can set a default payment method and change your payment method at any time. You can load additional eligible payment cards for use in Kroger Pay into your digital wallet via the App or by logging into your Account online.

How does Kroger Pay work?

Once you have set up Kroger Pay on your mobile device, you can leave your wallet at home! Once you’re ready to check out, simply:

  • Go to any in-store checkout lane in a participating store
  • Tap Kroger Pay in the “More” menu. Or, if you have location services enabled on your mobile device, tap Kroger Pay when your app is in store mode.
  • Enter your four-digit PIN or scan your biometrics
  • At checkout, scan the QR Code displayed on your device on the item scanner or present it to the cashier
  • Scan your items as usual
  • Before payment is finalized, you will have a chance to review your order along with any physical or digital coupons loaded to your Shopper’s Card. At self-checkout, you’ll need to press “Mobile” on the final display screen to complete your transaction.

While you can scan your QR code at any point in the transaction, the BEST experience with Kroger Pay is scanning your code to start the transaction, just as you would with your Shopper’s Card (loyalty information).

With only one scan of the QR Code your Kroger loyalty information is securely provided to enable you to accrue eligible loyalty points and a secure token delivers your selected payment information. Fast, easy, and convenient!

How is my payment information secured?

Kroger Pay accesses the payment methods you already have loaded to your Account. Security is important, so we will ask for the CVV for any credit cards added. Kroger Pay does not store your card information on your device, and your untokenized card information is not shared with the store during checkout. What this means is that Kroger will securely store your payment information, and instead of sharing your actual card information at the time of payment, will instead share a single-use token that represents your card. This keeps your sensitive information protected! As an added layer of security, you will need to authenticate with biometrics or a PIN before a QR Code can be generated.

What mobile devices are compatible with Kroger Pay?

Kroger Pay is available through the App. To use the App, you must have a mobile device that is compatible with the mobile service. To view minimum compatibility requirements for the App, you can view the App Store (Apple) or the Google Play Store (Android). In addition, Kroger Pay transmits payment and loyalty information by generating a QR code to scan, so an intact screen capable of adequately displaying the QR code is required.

What payment methods can I load to Kroger Pay?

You can add a Kroger Rewards Debit Card and any credit card, debit card or prepaid card that participates in one of the payment networks we identify from time to time. At this time, Kroger Pay does not accept non-reloadable Kroger-branded gift cards that are accepted only at the Kroger Family of Companies, but we are working to add more features every day!

Will I earn loyalty points or accrue loyalty benefits when I use Kroger Pay?

You will accrue loyalty points and benefits to your Account when you use Kroger Pay to make a purchase in accordance with the applicable Kroger Co. Family of Stores Rewards program. In addition, when the payment method you select to make a Kroger Pay purchase is the Kroger Rewards Debit Card, a credit card that bears the mark of one of the Kroger Family of Companies or payment network branded prepaid card that bears the mark of one of the Kroger Family of Companies you may earn additional loyalty benefits as determined by Kroger from time to time.

What extra loyalty benefits will I earn when I use Kroger Pay to make a purchase?

You may earn loyalty points and benefits in addition to the standard loyalty points and benefits offered under the applicable Kroger Co. Family of Stores Rewards program when you use Kroger Pay. We may offer special promotions or benefits from time to time for using Kroger Pay. In addition, we may offer additional loyalty points or benefits from time to time when you use the Kroger Rewards Debit Card, a credit card that bears the mark of one of the Kroger Family of Companies or payment network branded prepaid card that bears the mark of one of the Kroger Family of Companies (each, a “Kroger Card”) to make a Kroger Pay purchase. Unless changed in accordance with the Website and App Terms and Conditions (available here*) until August 31, 2020, in addition to the standard loyalty points and benefits you will earn under the applicable Kroger Co. Family of Stores Rewards program, when you use a Kroger Card to make a purchase using Kroger Pay:

  • You will earn 1.5 fuel points that can be used toward discounted purchases of fuel at Kroger Fuel Centers for each $1 of eligible net purchases. Your fuel points can be tracked on your receipt, in your Account on or in the App.
  • You will earn a discount equal to 2% of the aggregate cost of Our Quality Brand Products (excluding weighed items). This discount may be automatically applied to (and may be aggregated with other discounts applied to) a future purchase when you use Kroger Pay.

Please see specific Kroger Pay promotions and the Kroger Website and App Terms and Conditions for additional limitations and details regarding these offers.

How do I redeem my fuel rewards?

When you’re ready to redeem your fuel rewards, simply scan your loyalty card or enter your alternate ID at the pump. Then follow the onscreen prompts to redeem all, some or none of your fuel rewards.

For more information on Fuel Rewards, click here*.

I selected the wrong card; can I have the charge moved to a different card?

If the payment card used to make a Kroger Pay purchase was different than the payment card you intended to use, please visit the customer service desk in the store. An employee will be able to refund your purchase to the original card and process the transaction using your preferred method of payment.

Will I be charged fees for using Kroger Pay?

Neither Kroger nor its affiliates will assess any fees or charges for your use of Kroger Pay. However, your mobile carrier may assess message or data fees or charges when you use Kroger Pay and the terms of your agreement with the issuer of any payment cards you load to your Kroger Pay wallet, including any fees, will govern their use in Kroger Pay. You are responsible for paying the fees or charges assessed by your mobile carrier or the issuer of the payment card you load to your Kroger Pay wallet.

Can I divide the payment of a single purchase between multiple payment methods when using Kroger Pay?

Yes. Kroger Pay will support split tender transactions to the extent otherwise permitted at the point of sale at the Kroger Family of Companies.

What should I do if I lose my mobile device to which I have loaded the App?

To prevent unauthorized transactions from your Kroger Pay wallet, you should immediately delete the payment card information stored in your Kroger Pay wallet and your Kroger Pay account. You may set up a new digital account and Kroger Pay Wallet.

Can I use a card in Kroger Pay to receive cash back?

Currently, cash back on the cards you have saved in your Kroger Digital Wallet is not supported through Kroger Pay.

Can I purchase gift cards using Kroger Pay?

At this time, gift card purchases are not supported by Kroger Pay. This will be a temporary block as we continue to make improvements to the Kroger Pay experience.

*Note: These FAQs apply broadly to Kroger Pay, made available through the mobile applications of the Kroger Co., and its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “Kroger”). The links direct to information housed on the website that is shared across and apply to the Kroger Co. Family of Stores.