New Year’s Eve

Choose your adventure for a casual night in. No matter how you choose to celebrate, we’ve got what you need!

Cheers to the New Year

Break out the bubbly for Champagne cocktails and say “cheers” to the new year.

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Family Pajamas & Pancakes Night

Pajamas and pancakes for dinner are the key ingredients in this cozy party plan. Try pancake-and-fruit skewers for a fun and tasty twist.

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An Evening of Pampering

Wrap up your year with a refreshing at-home spa night. From chocolate and candles to bath bombs and exfoliating masks, you can start the new year relaxed and looking great.

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Low-Key Hangout

No plan? No problem! Fresh-cut fruit, Deli veggie platters and your favorite bottle of wine mean you can serve up a casual shindig with next to no prep.

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More New Year’s Inspiration