Eight Ways to Make Hanukkah Gelt

Hanukkah celebration with handmade gelt

Bring even more golden glow and sweetness to your Hanukkah celebration with handmade gelt. The classic gelt coins are made of chocolate, and they’re adored by children and adults alike. It’s simple to make your own gelt at home, and it’s a great way for the kiddos be part of the tradition...plus, they’ll love sampling all of the yummy flavors. Finely chopped fruit, nuts and even herbs can make your chocolate coins next-level good. In addition to adding toppings, mixing in a few drops of flavor extracts can be delicious, too! The hardest part is deciding on the variations you want to try first.

Our Favorite Gelt Flavor Combos:

  • Cherry Pistachio 
  • Coffee Buzz
  • Slivered Almond with Almond Extract 
  • Salted Rosemary
  • Goji Berry
  • Chili Powder Honey
  • Matcha Powder 
  • Mint and White Chocolate 


  1. Lightly oil or butter your mini muffin tin (24 cups).
  2. Pour one bag (roughly 2 cups) of chocolate chips into a glass bowl and microwave at 30 second intervals until they’re melted. (Optional: stir in a drop or two of flavor extracts.)
  3. Pour 1½ teaspoons of melted chocolate into the mini muffin cups and sprinkle or place just a pinch of your chosen toppings on the chocolate. 
  4. Refrigerate for one hour, turn the muffin tin over and tap the bottoms of each cup to release coins. Finish the chocolates with edible glitter or gold leaf if you wish to make them even fancier. Wrap in gold or silver foil for a festive glow!