Craft Beer Tasting for Dad

Craft beer flight with a row of glasses on a chalkboard and the words "Blonde" and "Craft IPA" written out in chalk

Dad will love a relaxing day punctuated by a Craft Beer Tasting. Spend a lazy morning together, maybe go out and do something in the afternoon, and then come dinner time, present your surprise—his favorite meal with something new and special.

The week before the holiday, brainstorm ideas for a Father’s Day meal. Make your grocery list, and then when you’re shopping, peruse the store for four or five types of beer he may enjoy trying. Has he pondered certain brands before, only to return to the tried and true? Is there a cool new local brand of beer on the shelf? Has he never ventured into the world of extra dark beer? Now could be a fun opportunity! Make sure to get one beer you know he already likes, just for a dose of the familiar. If you wanted to include members of the family under the age of 21 and those who don’t drink, pick up a couple varieties of root beer so you can make them a flight of their own.

Type up the menu for the evening for an added touch of elegance. Print out a copy of the menu for him and for each person who will be part of the meal. You could take orders in a notebook and present each guest with their personalized meal, or you could serve it all buffet style.

After folks have received their food, bring out the beer flights: set the row of small glasses on a chalkboard for easy labeling. Whether it’s just dad with a flight, or the whole family participating in their own taste tests, this Father’s Day dinner will be memorable.