Make a Hanukkah Garland

hanukkah garland holiday star with sticks and string

This darling garland can be made any length you like—to festoon a doorway, the stairway, the mantel, or anywhere you’d like, to add a touch of homemade Hanukkah magic. It’s a great craft to make with the kids as they eagerly await the festivities.

Hang your garland, along with a string of mini holiday lights, for extra seasonal joy.

Things You'll Need:

  • Popsicle sticks, plain or colored
  • Bottled glue or glue stick
  • Decorative beads, buttons, sequins, sparkles, glitter, etc.
  • Yarn, string, or ribbon
  • Kid-friendly paint and paintbrushes, if using plain sticks


  1. Glue together the ends of three popsicle sticks to form a triangle. Make a second triangle with three more sticks.
  2. Glue one triangle on top of the other to make the Star of David. Let the glue dry.
  3. If you’ve used plain popsicle sticks, paint your stars, then allow to them dry.
  4. Use glue to add decorations as desired. Allow to dry.
  5. Connect your stars by lacing yarn, string, or ribbon through each one.
  6. Hang your garland and enjoy!
  7. Make the garland a part of your holiday tradition! Store it carefully to use year-after-year.
Holiday star made out of twigs tied with ribbon