Throwing a basketball party? Here’s how to hoop it up.

Everyone loves a good party, and we’ve got a game plan for pulling off a fantastic (and flavorful) game day celebration with ease.

Build your party spread.

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When you think about basketball party food, it’s all about the grazing table. Not quite a buffet, and not quite a fancy charcuterie platter, it’s a slam dunk spread for optimal snacking. Here’s how it works:

  • Set up on a large counter, kitchen island or table – wherever access to the goodies will be easy.
  • Place your food on a variety of trays, platters, wooden boards and cake stands. Find a spot for your slow cooker to keep food warm, if needed.
  • Keep individual drinks on ice or have them ready to be poured from pitchers into nearby cups. Iced tea with lemon slices is always a refreshing favorite.
  • Have plenty of plates, cups and utensils in team colors. Flowers, streamers, balloons and other festive additions will also help to create a basketball theme.

Now, let’s talk about the most important part…the food. Make sure there’s plenty to go around, with enough choices to suit all your guests’ grazing cravings (chips, pretzels and crackers are must-haves, of course). And check out these recipes for full court flavor.

Get it all for basketball