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Asturi All Natural FocacciBites™ Olive Oil & Sea Salt

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Live. Love. Snack®

When creating our Asturi® FocacciBites®, we drew inspiration from the Mediterranean Diet.  It encompasses much more than just food preferences; it''s a way of life.  Central to the Mediterranean way of life is the notion that food is meant to be enjoyed in the company of friends and family.  This simple yet powerful concept was the motivation behind our motto: Live. Love. Snack®.  The next time you pick up a bag of our all-natural FocacciBities®, we invite you to evoke the Mediterranean  lifestyle and enjoy it in the company of loved ones.

Artisanal, all-natural baking methods are combined with the very best Mediterranean Olive Oil to give FocacciBities® their delicate yet crispy texture.  Try them on their own as a great snack or pair them with your favorite hors d'' oeuvres, dips, or salsas.

You can snack guilt-free because FocacciBities® are baked with:

  • 100% NATURAL and simple ingredients
  • NO GMOs
  • NO Cholesterol
  • NO Trans Fats
  • NO Artifical Flavors
  • NO Artifical Colorings

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