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Mr Bubble Bath Time Fun Playpack

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Mr. Bubble is America's favorite bathtime buddy! He's been parents' trusted partner for 60 years and is the perfect playtime pal for kids of all ages, making sure Getting Clean Is Even MORE Fun Than Getting Dirty! Now you can have four times the fun with Mr. Bubble Ultimate Pack of Bath Time Fun! This pack includes Mr. Bubble Original Bubble Bath, Bath Fizzer, Bath Potion, and Soap Stickers. Enjoy the signature bubble gum scent and the big, long-lasting bath bubbles with Mr. Bubble Original Bubble Bath. Drop the Bath Fizzer in the tub and watch the bath bomb float and fizz as it turns the tub water a vibrant blue. Turn the bath tub into a bubblin' fun science lab with the Scientific & Terrific Bath Potion and watch as it reacts with water to magically come alive turning your tub into a colorful and foamy experiment. Lather up with Mr. Bubble Dissolvable Soap Stickers; as the bath confetti begins to melt, stretch them and use them to lather up for some colorful, soapy fun. Layer the fun and use all four sensory bath products together, or use separately to make every bath a new adventure.

  • Ultimate pack of bath time fun — Includes four favorite bath products
  • Create a bathtub full of bubbles with Mr Bubble Bubble Bath
  • Watch Mr Bubble Bath Fizzer float and fizz as it turns the bath water a vibrant blue hue
  • Make a bubblin' fun scientific experiment with Mr Bubble Bath Potion
  • Bring gooey, slimy, clean fun to the tub with Mr Bubble Soap Stickers
  • Paraben-free and cruelty-free formula