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New Year’s Day

Serve up some lucky favorites to start your year...pork, cornbread, sweets and more.

Foods for Good Fortune

Greens, Peas, Cornbread & More

Start your year on a lucky note with traditional tastes like sauerkraut and lentils.

Pork...a Lucky New Year Staple

Start 2020 high on the hog with a prosperous pork dish.

Wish for New Year’s Fish

Representing progress and wealth, fish is another traditionally lucky new year dish.

Foods for an Abundant & Sweet Year

Fresh Fruit & Veggies

These fresh favorites are said to bring a year full of abundance. They’re big on flavor, too.

Sweets for a Sweet Year to Come

With these delicious favorites as part of your New Year’s Day spread, 2020 is looking pretty sweet.

New Year’s Drinks

Serve up some classic beverages alongside your spread of lucky dishes.